What do we do?

We run social media, publish indie games and offer our own web radio.

Social Media + Video Streaming Platform

We use social media. We have about 50,000 views on our YouTube channel. PilsStream (our own streaming platform) is accessed by several hundred German-speaking Internet users every day.

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We produce professional websites, videos and create advertising for our clients. Due to time constraints we have stopped development on our own games launcher for the time being.

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Web radio

We run our own web radio hosted on Laut.FM, which is listened to by 3,000 listeners every month. Every day, people listen to our web radio for 30 hours.

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We reach over 500,000 people nationwide!

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Our employees

We attach great importance to privacy, which is why only our Minecraft skins are displayed here.


Developer, content producer, designer and website developer


Developer, Video Editor, Customer Support and Database Admin


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Examples of good customer support

We help our customers with Videos, in Comments, about our Helpdesk or per E-mail.

Really cool

now i have a new source where i can finally finish watching The Walking dead episodes since the other websites apps don't work anymore. Thanks 👌😉 I hope I don't hear "FBI open the door" right outside my door 😅


Youtube user

Thank you

I use the dark net since today and am also on illegal sites but out of pure interest (otherwise I would not be so stupid and write it so publicly) but your video was the only thing that really helped me.


Youtube user


Here we publish the latest news about us and our pages.

Soon to be included in the YTPP

Hello dear website visitor,

It's been quite a while now since I've contacted you. In the meantime, we have reached a level of 4,000 hours of playback time and 1180 subscribers on our YouTube channel!

This is extremely impressive for me and makes me kind of speechless. Thank you for your blatant support! I know that no videos have come from me for some time now, but that will change soon enough. Since I have a lot on my plate at the moment, I unfortunately have little to no time to put into YouTube. I'm already trying to answer your comments as best I can, and fortunately I still manage to do that.

However, I also notice here that the more viewers I have, the harder it is to answer comments. But since my YouTube viewers are my top priority, I'm already in contact with a few people who will help me answer the comments as best I can. Of course, I'll try myself, but I can't always do everything. Again about the new videos: During the vacations I have much more time and I promise you that I will publish a video every week during the vacations, if I have time. So you can look forward to cool and informative content. Included will be (ATTENTION SPOILER) a (info-)video about a strike I got on the video "Watch all series for free". In addition, of course, there are still Letsplays, tutorials and maybe sometimes a real live blog..... Who knows 😉

By the way, at the moment I'm planning to create my own "small" video game launcher (PC), with which you can play many small indie games from different developers. However, this is not quite fixed yet. The launcher is very small and is a good and simple solution for many small indie games. Of course, the launcher is completely free for both players and developers. Eventually we will offer "full versions" of some games for 5€ or 10€. But it will definitely not be more expensive, we promise.

In the meantime, check out my (company) website. There is also a webradio with cool music. Maybe you have the same taste in music as me....

Love greetings


Corona and Pils10

Hello dear ones,

For a given reason, I am now contacting you once again about the Corona virus. Lately, there are almost only reports about it on German television. Despite "quarantine" I still experience many groups of teenagers and young adults who meet in groups of up to 10 people. I can partly understand this, but I still find it negligent. There is a reason why the schools are closed. And honestly, why do not you want / can not just gamble on the PC / Playstation? I don't want to take away anyone's "freedom of movement", but I wonder if such a "quarantine" can serve its purpose at all. If this situation does not change, I am also in favor of a nationwide curfew. Of course, this should not be the goal, but it is important not to give Corona a chance. Besides the old and weak in our society, young people with pre-existing conditions (Like me) are also at risk. Furthermore, smoking significantly increases the risk of suffering a severe / fatal course of Corona.

"Smokers are among the groups of people at increased risk for severe or fatal courses of covid-19." Source: watson.com

It is not only the elderly who are affected, but all of us. Please do not panic now, because that does not help us in this (and in all other) situations.

However, for us as a Pils10 Company, Corona has only a very small impact in economic terms. We don't need any external support or other measures because we work a lot in our home office.

We also plan to cooperate in the project "WeVSVirus" from the federal government. We want to be in the "Fight" against Corona engage. If you're interested, sign up too! More info HERE (This section is only visible in the German version of the website).

In this sense stay healthy and have a nice day in front of your PC / console.

Your Pils10 🙂

Pils10 at Gamescom 2020

Like the last 3 years we will go to Gamescom 2020 again this year. Since not all of our employees can come to Gamescom, we will probably only be at Gamescom on Saturday. We will visit the fair, get information in the jobs and careers section and also play a few games... We are all gamers after all 🙂

See you then, at Gamescom 2020!

We will update this article as soon as we have new information.