Month: June 2020

Soon to be included in the YTPP

Hello dear website visitor,

It's been quite a while now since I've contacted you. In the meantime, we have reached a level of 4,000 hours of playback time and 1180 subscribers on our YouTube channel!

This is extremely impressive for me and makes me kind of speechless. Thank you for your blatant support! I know that no videos have come from me for some time now, but that will change soon enough. Since I have a lot on my plate at the moment, I unfortunately have little to no time to put into YouTube. I'm already trying to answer your comments as best I can, and fortunately I still manage to do that.

However, I also notice here that the more viewers I have, the harder it is to answer comments. But since my YouTube viewers are my top priority, I'm already in contact with a few people who will help me answer the comments as best I can. Of course, I'll try myself, but I can't always do everything. Again about the new videos: During the vacations I have much more time and I promise you that I will publish a video every week during the vacations, if I have time. So you can look forward to cool and informative content. Included will be (ATTENTION SPOILER) a (info-)video about a strike I got on the video "Watch all series for free". In addition, of course, there are still Letsplays, tutorials and maybe sometimes a real live blog..... Who knows 😉

By the way, at the moment I'm planning to create my own "small" video game launcher (PC), with which you can play many small indie games from different developers. However, this is not quite fixed yet. The launcher is very small and is a good and simple solution for many small indie games. Of course, the launcher is completely free for both players and developers. Eventually we will offer "full versions" of some games for 5€ or 10€. But it will definitely not be more expensive, we promise.

In the meantime, check out my (company) website. There is also a webradio with cool music. Maybe you have the same taste in music as me....

Love greetings